A Cozy Courtyard

This beautiful courtyard is part of a town home complex and is enclosed on all sides by either the owners home or parts of the neighbors home. The home owners who bought the home with this courtyard were afraid that a tree that was originally in this courtyard had grown too big and could begin […]

A Gathering Place for Family & Friends

Looking for a place to enjoy family and friends, our customers asked us to design and build a pavilion for them behind their home. We worked with the customers to find out what their wants and needs were and helped them design the perfect pavilion. Landmark Development, the parent company of All About Spas and […]

A Church Rooting for Their Home Team

We were approached by a local church that wanted our help so that they could show support for their city’s football team. The church was working on a youth recreation room and wanted to get a pool table with custom felt. Their football team’s color was orange and they wanted to have a logo they […]

Building a Low Maintenance Space for the Whole Family

Before Upgrade Living next to their dairy, the flies were relentless for this family. This couple wanted to be able to enjoy their time on their patio, by the pool without bugs. They also wanted to upgrade the space with new furniture and relax in a hot tub. They started the renovation of the space […]

Enjoying Your Outdoor Patio to the Fullest Year Round

Before Upgrade A customer came to us asking for a solution that would allow them to be protected on their patio and still see the sky. They also complained that their existing patio cover was just too small, and they found it too hot to stay outside very much. We extended the concrete patio and […]

A Convenient and Maintenance Free Patio Cover Solution

Before Upgrade Our customers already had a patio cover (first gallery picture), made of wood but they are wanting to investigate having a new one built that they don’t have to sand and paint. They asked All About Spas & Leisure Living to do a home consultation and see what solutions we could offer. Their […]

Tropical Themed Patio & Outdoor Living Space

When their house was built, this customer had a very large outdoor kitchen built on their screened in patio. After a few years, they realized that the grill would not vent well even though they had an electric exhaust vent installed. They also decided they were too cramped within the small area they had originally […]

How a Hot Tub is Built

How a Hot tub Is Built Overview Video featuring Hot Spring Spas Hot tubs are generally built in the following steps. Each manufacturer will have slightly different orders and some have additional steps that are unique to their spa models. Step #1 Building the Shell of the Spa What is a Hot Tub shell Made […]

How to fix a hot tub that overheats in the summer

It’s extremely rare and unusual to hear that a product is too efficient. However that is exactly the case when it comes to hot tubs in areas with warm climates. The insulation and other systems are designed to hold in heat so the spa water can remain hot with out being expensive to run. In […]

How to find a replacement hot tub filter

Tr-X Dimensions

How To Find A Replacement Hot Tub Filter Share on facebook Facebook Share on pinterest Pinterest Share on email Email Table of Contents With hundreds of filters on the market, finding a replacement filter for your spa can be challenging. We created this guide to help make finding a perfect replacement filter easier for you. […]