It’s extremely rare and unusual to hear that a product is too efficient. However that is exactly the case when it comes to hot tubs in areas with warm climates. The insulation and other systems are designed to hold in heat so the spa water can remain hot with out being expensive to run.

In some areas, the summer heat can cause the hot tub to go above the maximum recommended temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit (F)/ 40 degrees Celsius (C).

The heat of a hot tub is where most of the benefits come from. However there is such a thing as too hot for a hot tub. When it goes above 104 F/ 40 C temperature the amount of time you can stay in your spa drops sharply. Going above these temperatures can be dangerous as it raises your body temperature quickly and reduces the amount of time you can stay in your spa to a very short amount of time.

Here are three suggestions to help keep your spa from getting too hot in the summer.

1. Lower The Temperature Settings

Lower Temperature

Lowering the temperature your hot tub is set to can help prevent the outside temperature from heating your water above where you want it to be.

Be careful not to lower it too much or your water may be at a lower temperature than you want it to be later in the evenings after the spa cools off from the day’s heat.

2. Use Dish Towels To Create A Vent

Creating a vent is a simple and inexpensive solution to let some of the trapped heat out from under your cover. The method discussed below can work for any cover. It only requires two dish towels.

Note: New (2020+) covers from American Whirlpool come with foam inserts that can be removed to create a vent and do not require this.

Two Dish Rags

Take two dish towels and stack them on top one another. Then roll the rags together in the direction that makes the widest roll. (Shown below)


  1. Make sure the spa cover latches are unlatched so you don’t accidentally break them while placing the dish towels.
  2. Lift the side flap of the cover nearest to the fold of the cover and wrap it under the cover. (Be sure as much of the rest of the side flap is down against the side of the spa to prevent leaves and dust from getting in.) Place the rolled up dish towels under the cover to create a wedge between the spa and the cover (Shown Below). This will create the vent during the hot months to help keep it from overheating.
  3. Make sure the spa cover is secured to the spa with the clips to prevent the lid being blown open when not in use. The wind can lift the cover up using the newly created vent space if not latched down.

Cloth Spa Vent

If possible put the rags under the cover on a side facing a building’s wall or away from any trees as this will help reduce the chances of the wind blowing any leaves or dirt into your spa through the opening.

3. Add Some Shade

Providing shade will help keep your spa from overheating as it reduces the amount of extra heat the spa absorbs from the sunlight. There are several options that vary in price that can help accomplish this.

  1. Gazebos
  2. Umbrellas


  1. Shade Sails
  2. Adjustable Patio Covers

Hot tub under adjustable patio cover

Note: Do not place a tree’s branches over the spa if possible as this will drop leaves and other things into your water and cause extra maintenance work.

Also if you live in an area with high winds we do not recommend using a popup canopy.

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