This maintenance chemical kit contains the three essential products for startup and sanitizer maintenance.

  1. Brilliance for Spas Metal & Scale Control with Soy Protein: A chemical used to control metals and scale. Metals and scale can stain your hot tub. They can also affect water clarity, and how well your filter performs. It also contains soy protein to moisturize spa water for a luxurious spa experience. Best used when filling your spa after fully draining and a small amount for weekly maintenance in between refills.
  2. Brilliance for Spas Oxidizer with Mineral Salts: A non-chlorine oxidizer that eliminates odors while reducing things that can irritate eyes and skin. It is best used weekly to help your sanitizer keep your water sparkling and clear. This product eliminates the need to use a chlorine shock treatment, allowing you to use your spa faster after each treatment. It also contains mineral salts, which disperse in the spa water to promote relaxation and soothe skin.
  3. Your choice of Sanitizer: Bromine Granules or Chlorine Granules.
    • A sanitizer is a product used in hot tub water that destroys harmful bacteria to keep your spa water safe and clean.
    • Bromine granules are a great sanitizer that is gentle on the skin. It requires the use of a floater to keep a constant supply of bromine in the water.
    • Chlorine granules are a classic sanitizer that is extremely effective at keeping your water clean. It can be added daily to ensure your water stays clean and safe.

For those looking for a maintenance chemical kit with more than the basic essentials we also carry:

Spa Maintenance Kit Contains: Sanitizer, Test Strips, PH Increaser, and Filter Cleaner. This kit is great for maintaining your spas chemical balance and extending the life of your filters.

Additional information

Weight 5.2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 9 in

Bromine Granules, Chlorine Granules


Brilliance for Spas

Spa Chemical System

Brilliance for Spas – Bromine System, Brilliance for Spas – Chlorine System

Spa Chemical Type

Metal & Scale Control, Bromine Sanitizer, Chlorine Sanitizer, Non-Chlorine Shock/Oxidizer

Brilliance for Spas Essential Maintenance Chemical Kit

This maintenance chemical kit contains three essentials for startup and sanitation to include:

  1. Brilliance for Spas Metal & Scale Control with Soy Protein
  2. Brilliance for Spas Oxidizer
  3. Your Choice of Sanitizer: Chlorine or Bromine Granules


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