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Product Description

This listing is for a nine (9) pack of Tri-X filters (Part #73178).

This unique ceramic filter cartridge design enables it to filter twice the water per minute than a standard filter.

This filter can replace the 71825 fabric filter.

The Tri-X Filter is used on Hot Spring Spas.

Tri-X filters have P/N 0969601 stamped on the top of it.

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Features & Benefits

    • The ceramic design allows it to filter twice as well as a standard cloth filter
    • A Tri-X can last up to 5 years if properly maintained.
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Tri-X Filters fit all Hot Spring Spas Highlife Models.

Spas That Use The Tri-X Filter:

1990 – CurrentAll Highlife Models
1998 – 2002All Hot Spot Models
1998 – 2002Solana X, RX, SX, & TX

* Please note this is not an exhaustive list. Other spas may also use this filter

Tri-X Filter Specifications

US Customary System

Length10 & 1/2 Inches
Outer Diameter6 Inches
Inner Diameter1 & 15/16 Inches
Top End CapOpen
Bottom End CapOpen
Filter Media Area65 Square Feet
(surface area)


Length266.7 mm
Outer Diameter152.4 mm
Inner Diameter49.2 mm
Top End CapOpen
Bottom End CapOpen
Filter Media Area6 Square Meters

Filter Lifespan & Maintenance

This filter will last up to 5 Years with proper maintenance.

A Tri-X Filter can be cleaned using either a garden hose or dish washer.

The filter should be cleaned once a month with Freshwater Instant Filter Cleaner. Complete cleaning instructions can be found in our blog.

Alternate Part Numbers

The below filters are made by different filter manufactures and will fit in place of the Tri-X (73178) Filter.

Hot Spring SpasPleatcoFilburUnicel
71825Pleatco PWK30FC-3915C-6430

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tri-X Filters Ceramic or Paper/Fabric

Tri-X filters are made of a high performance ceramic material.

Are these filters marked on top with P/N 0969601

Yes, these filters have raised letters and numbers on the top saying P/N 0969601.

Many people believe that P/N prefix means that 0969601 is the part number for this filter. However, the correct part number is 73178.

Is the Tri-X 73178 filter the same as the 73250 filter?

Yes, the 73250 part number is used by the manufacturer for identifying a case quantity vs 73178 which identifies the individual filter.

What are the advantages of Tri-X filters over paper filters?
  • Saves Money
    • One Tri-X filter will last longer then 4 regular filters with proper maintenance
  • Easy to Clean
    • This ceramic filter is dishwasher safe. Making the bi-weekly maintenance much easier.
  • Twice as efficient
    • The ceramic filter material is twice as efficient as traditional paper/fabric filter.
  • Long Lasting
    • This filter will last up to 5 years with proper maintenance.
Do you have to use filter cleaner on Tri-x filters?

Yes, you should use Freshwater Instant Filter Cleaner on a monthly basis. Between chemical cleanings we recommend that you rinse the filters every two weeks.

Can you clean Tri-X fitlers in a dishwasher?

Yes, you can. Please read our guide How to Clean a Tri-X Filter in a Dishwasher for special care instructions to do this safely.

Additional information

Weight 16.2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 10.5 in

Hot Spring 0969601 Tri-X Filter 9-Pack


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    Do you ship filters to Canada? I am looking at 0969601 filter 5 pack
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    Q Do you ship filters to Canada? I am looking at 0969601 filter 5 pack answer now
    A Hello, Yes we do ship Tri-X Filters to Canada!

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