• Spa Marvel Cleanser

Spa Marvel Cleanser is a fast acting hot tub and spa plumbing cleaner. This cleanser removes biofilm (The slimy layer bacteria creates to protect itself from cleaning chemicals), organic mater (oils, sweat, etc), and minerals that can cause problems in your spa’s plumbing. Spa Marvel Cleanser will help to reduce maintenance and extend the life of your spa.

Spa Marvel Cleanser Instructions

The following steps should be done every time when you are ready to drain and refill your spa.

Step #1

  • Clear out any leafs or any debris (if any exists) from your spa.
  • Remove the filter from spa and rinse with a spray hose and use a filter cleaner.

Step #2

Remember to keep your filters out the spa while cleaning with Spa Marvel Cleanser.

  • Add one full bottle of Spa Marvel Cleanser into the water.
  • Turn on all jets on high and let circulate for at least one hour.
  • Check your spas to see when and how long your programed filter cycles are.
  • Leave the cleanser in the spa long enough that it can run through the active pumps for 24 full hours.
    • IE. if your filter cycle is set to 4 hours twice a day (8 Total hours) you will need to leave the cleanser in your spa for 3 days.
      • (3 filter cycles X 8 Running Hours = 24 Hours of Cleaning)
    • Alternatively you can accelerate the process by turning the jets on throughout the day with a breaks in between to let the pump motors cool off.  The goal is a total of 24 hours of pump time to fully circulate the cleanser.
  • Do not get in to use the spa while the cleanser is in the spa

Step #3

  • Turn off power to the Spa
  • Drain the spa
  • Rinse the seats and inside of the spa with a hose and drain that water back out
  • Fill the spa with fresh water (it’s recommended to fill using a pre-filter such as the freshwater Clean Screen or the Spa Marvel X10.)
  • Re-install the filter (It is recommended to clean the filter with a filter cleaner prior to reinstalling it).
  • Turn the spa back on
  • Add Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner
  • Balance your spa’s Alkalinity and pH
  • Add Sanitizer and ensure it’s at the proper levels
  • Enjoy your spa!

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Spa Marvel Cleanser


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