• Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner

Clean filters are essential to successful spa-water care. Use of a hot tub filter cleaner such as Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is required.

Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is a powerful hot tub filter cleaner that doesn’t utilize harsh acids or bleach, and removes and loosens oil, hair, dirt and grime that becomes lodged in the fabric of cartridge filters.

One bottle of Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner provides 8 filter cleanings. At a fraction of the cost of other filter cleaning products on the market, Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is the best and most economical filter cleaning agent available.

This product is best used with other spa marvel products.

Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner Instructions

  • Remove the filter from spa and rinse with a spray hose.
  • Add two capfuls of Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner to up to 20 litres (5 gallons) of fresh water in a pail and mix to dissolve.
  • Soak the filter overnight in the solution.
  • After soaking the filter in the hot tub filter cleaner it is critical that the debris is thoroughly removed from the pleats of the filters.
    • The water pressure from showers and kitchen sinks is often not strong enough to remove the debris.
    • If after rinsing your filters there is still discoloration in the pleats of the filters or if they still smell, then they are not clean.
    • Use of a garden hose attachment such as a filter flosser will increase the water pressure and make sure the filter is debris free.
    • Most reusable hot tub filters ought to be replaced after 6 months of use.


Your filters should be rinsed with a garden hose once a week. Monthly you should soak your filter using spa marvel filter cleaner.

Keep in mind that the filter cleaner takes out all oils from the filter. All it takes is one bather who is covered in body lotions, perfume, or a soapy swim suit to foul a clean filter.

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Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner


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