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Spa Frog products can be used either as a floating system or as cartridges that are installed in your hot tub. The spa brands that use the cartridges that install are Hot Spot, Artesian Spas, and Caldera Spas.  All other spas should can use the floating system unless it is prohibited by your Spa manufacturer’s warranty.

Why Use Spa Frog

It's Easier

Because everything is pre-filled, there’s no mess, no guess, no stress, making maintenance easier.

It's Cleaner

Because it kills bacteria 2 ways, with minerals and a low level of chlorine.

It's Clearer

Because minerals help keep the pH balanced for clear water that sparkles and shines.

It's Softer

Frog Minerals condition the water for a softer feel on the skin.

What is Spa FROG

Download the Frog Water Care App

Frog Product has launched a free app to further improve your FROG Water Care Experience! Now you can test your water and troubleshoot issues all in the same spot.

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