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How Does Spa Marvel Work?

Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner
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Spa Marvel is a two part system that helps to remove the food (organic matter) necessary for bacteria to live. This clears the path for the chlorine, bromine, or Salt System. Allowing it to work much more efficiently.  In other words, it will take a LOT less chlorine to maintain desired levels with Spa Marvel in your spa than without.

Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatment & Conditioner is compatible with all hot tub sanitizers including ozonators, ionizors, ultraviolet, chlorine, bromine, biguanides, and salt systems. Spa Marvel enhances the sanitizers ability to work and does not replace the need for chlorine, bromine, biguanides, or salt systems.

If you have a Hot Spring Spas’ Highlife or Limelight models of spa please use the Freshwater System for Sanitizers, pH Products and more.

For all other brands of spas we recommend you use the Spa Guard chemical line with Spa Marvel.

How To Use Spa Marvel - Initial Startup

  • Step 1:
    • Prior to changing the water:
      • Ensure that all jets, air controls and water features are open, and that any diverter valves are midway. Remove your filter, add 1 full bottle of Spa Marvel Cleanser to your existing spa water (add 3 bottles to a swim spa). Run the jets on high speed for 1 hour, and then leave the Cleanser in the spa on regular cycle for at least another 23 hours.
      • Drain the spa completely
    • For new Spas that have never been filled:
      • Fill the spa and start with the instructions above.
  • Step 2:
    • Fill spa and install clean filters as per your spa manufacturer’s directions. If using well water or poor quality source water, use of a pre-filter such as the X10 Water Filter or Freshwater Clean Screen is strongly recommended.
    • Heat water to desired temperature.
    • Add 1 full bottle of Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner for ALL tubs up to 500 gallons (2,000 litres). In a swim spa add 1 bottle per month.
    • Ensure that the spa is programmed to filter a minimum of 6 hours a day.
  • Step 2 (continued):
    • Add sanitizer such as chlorine, Bromine, or activate your salt system.
    • Balance alkalinity to between 80-120 ppm if necessary (unless otherwise directed by your spa chemical system).
    • Balance pH to between 7.2 and 8.2. This is a range broader than one would use with traditional spa water products, but when using Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner this range is acceptable and will not be of detriment to you or your spa.

Maintaining your hot tub with Spa Marvel

Maintain the sanitizer levels as instructed by your water care system (Freshwater, Spa Guard, Etc.)

  • Ensure alkalinity & pH are withing the acceptable ranges. Adjust if needed.
  • Rinse debris from filters.
  • Clean filters using Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner. Properly cleaned filters are vital to the success of maintaining your spa water. After soaking the filters in the Filter Cleaner solution, it is critical that the debris is thoroughly removed from the pleats of the filter by using a garden hose. Adding a filter flosser helps get the stuck on debris off easier with less water use. 
  • Reinstall the clean filters in your spa or replace the filter with a new one if needed.
  • Add a bottle of Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner (Only for Swim Spas)
  • Add 1 full bottle of Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner (Standard Size Spas).
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