Tropical Themed Patio & Outdoor Living Space

When their house was built, this customer had a very large outdoor kitchen built on their screened in patio. After a few years, they realized that the grill would not vent well even though they had an electric exhaust vent installed. They also decided they were too cramped within the small area they had originally designated for the patio.

After a lot of consultation and planning, we were able to offer them a covered extension to their existing patio. We first had to take out the original outdoor kitchen and screened walls. We then poured concrete for the floor of the patio extension and added ceramic tile to the entire floor, including the original patio space.

Over the new area, a Solara Adjustable Patio Cover was installed. This provided them the option of the patio cover open to the sky or closed to protect them from the weather, or anywhere they wanted in between. The outdoor kitchen we custom-built included two islands with a Twin Eagles grill and other components. It was placed under the new patio cover. Because the Solara cover can be adjusted so the slats are open, the grill vents very well and the smoke is not a problem. The outdoor kitchen also includes a bar height eating area to enjoy the freshly cooked food in the beautiful outdoors. They also purchased some very comfortable chairs from our Berlin Gardens patio furniture line that offered them some fun color for the bar and other areas of the patio.

Their new hot tub is under the original patio cover area, along with a fireplace, an outdoor bar, and an additional seating area.

This customer envisioned a tropical theme to include palm trees in his backyard design. Unfortunately, palm trees don’t grow well in our area. So we went to work on finding high-quality artificial trees instead of real ones. We included a beautiful fountain and artificial grass to complete the look. The customer decorated it with a tropical theme and is very happy with the new living space we created together.

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